About us

SISTEMAS was born in the 80s as one of the first modular product for the creation of automatic pallet assembly lines. At first has been studied for the automotive market, but it has developed to answer the increasing request in other areas, from appliances to general handling.
LAMMAS is a new built society that resumes SISTEMAS manufacturing by enforcing new varieties and improving its technical and qualitative features, in order to keep up with modern production systems and customers’ requests.

Therefore SISTEMAS and SISTEMAS VS arise: the first one is the natural evolution of SISTEMAS first series, enforced with a brand-new range of products and applications. The second one develops the same concepts, but its goal is to extend the conveyor load up to 1500kg. It is born for “Very Strong” applications.

We were conveyor pallet manufacturer, but thanks to the development of a well-established product firm on the market since more than 30 years, we have become our own motto: “We are your conveyor solutions provider”. Our Customers tell us their needs and we realize the solutions in order to obtain the best results in efficiency and costs.

Company structure

We design and produce everything we sell to our Customers.
LAMMAS has a technical office and a specific area for the building of our conveyors. We are not dealer, we are manufacturer. Our complementary Customers will take charge of the installation of the conveyors among the final Customer, providing the specific automation needed to the machineries.

Our Customers

Our conveyor lines are installed in many automotive plants in Italy and abroad. Across Europe especially, they can be installed quite everywhere in complete safety.