Lammas is the official distributor for the Italian market of Transligne/Lammas servopress systems.

Servo press is an actuator that converts the rotary motion of the brushless motor into a linear motion of the pressing stem through a recirculating ball or a planetary roller screw. The control of the pressing stem takes place in open ring through the encoder installed on the brushless motor. In addition to the encoder one force sensor (load cell) is installed that measures the force transmitted by the pressing stem during work.

An appropriately programmed logic control unit manages the press working cycle, modulating the descending speed of the pressing stem and analyzing the ​​measured values by these two transducers (encoder and force sensor) during the working phases. The values ​​of displacement and force are used by the software installed in the logic control to generate a mathematical model (force VS position) that is generated in each work cycle. Each mathematical model generated by the system is compared to a sample model stored in the software. The sample mathematical model corresponds to values ​​assumed in a qualitatively perfect process. If the values ​​of the memorized mathematical model correspond with those recorded each cycle means that the processed product has been executed with the same qualitative parameters.


A list of the applications where the servo presses are used is as follows:


Component driving         












Test machines



Transligne electric presses are different for families depending on the force delivered:


• Force 3Kn Stroke 150         • Force 3T Stroke 250

• Force 6Kn Stroke 150         • Force 6T Stroke 250

• Force 8T Stroke 150            • Force 8T Stroke 250

• Force 12T Stroke 150         • Force 12T Stroke 250

• Force 15T Stroke 150         • Force 15T Stroke 250


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