Revamping Service

Lammas also offers a renovation service for conveyors with more than 3 years from purchase.  
The robustness and reliability of our conveyors allows us to perform these operations many years after the purchase, however over the time we found ourselves faced with conveyors that had been working for more than 30 years and  needed a "refresh".
The intervention consists of an analysis made by one of our technicians who, after an inspection with the customer, replaces the most worn parts, giving new life back to the conveyor.
It is also possible to request a check-up of the line outside the warranty period to check for any corrective action.

Reconfiguration Service

The modularity offered by the aluminium profile and the flexibility of the system allows our customers to reconfigure the layout of a conveyor in their possession.
More and more often our customers ask us to modify the configuration of a LAMMAS conveyor they have purchased, adding or removing components; also in this case Lammas provides a solution to the customer in response to this need.
First of all, the necessary solutions are studied by CAD, using our database of drawings, then a technician is responsible of the intervention.