SISTEMAS STEP FEEDER conveyor is the best one for the tooling machine feeding, specially if we have heavy elements to be carried.

The Step feeder system it’s a conveyor engineered in FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System) concept, it’s a Lammas standard product always available in our warehouse.

The system is composed by these parts:

  • 1) Conveyor Aluminum profile with a 5/8’’ double chain. The chain is provided by hanging plates        fixed to step spacers which carry elements. The chain slides on hardened steel T-profile guides.
  • 2) Gearmotor Customizable.
  • 3) Chain-stretching group of the chain.
  • 4) Supports fixed to the floor using brackets.



Technical features of this system are:

  • - Maximum length= 6000 mm
  • - Maximum Speed= 6  m/min
  • - Maximum weight= up to 200 kg
  • - Minimum Step Spacer dimension (width x lenght)=  195mm  x 90 mm

Here's a short video made during commissioning phase in our company.